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Should farmers be taught better business practices?

Posted on Feb 21, 2017 in Agriculture

Farmers are the most important link of our food chain. If there are no farmers there is no food for us. No matter however advance we become, the one person who would ensure a never ending supply to this food chain is farmers. However we are advancing in technology and innovation we see farmers adopting age old practices and thus eventually go for loss in productivity.

This loss making business are making people not adopting farming as practice and moving out to other profession. They are moving from primary sector activity to a tertiary sector activity. If this pattern of migration is not stopped by improving the practices we would have surely a big loss.

better business practices by farmers

There are certain business school which specializes in agro business management. These schools have designed business practices for farmers so as to increase their profitability and productivity. This study is best to be applied in practical so as our farmers who is moving into loss making business can turn it into an economical one. Normally most farmer are still using the design model which was used century back.

However there is always certain part of our budget fixed for farmers such as in irrigation, dams and loans still farming as business is a loss making one. Some steps farmers can take to make their business a profitable one are:-

  • Use of organic farming is one such step. Organic products are costly and more demanded products as compared to their counterparts. The advantage of using it is that it helps in maintaining the soil quality and as such make your land more producible.
  • Using cross cultivation techniques. In cross cultivation farm products are grown in such a way that the other product is complemented by the growth of current product.
  • Use of new and innovative farming machineries such as tractors and sprinklers.
  • Use of cooling model in community. You can have a deep freezers for keeping farm produce fresh so as they are provided to market safely.
  • Check and use the loan provided by the government for your farming need.
  • Use of specialized and technical workforce in farming so as to instantly increase the production of the farm and make it a profitable venture.

If farming is accepted as a good profession we will surely see many young talented people driving this in their profession. All we need is a direction and strategy.


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Why should the current education system give more focus to sports

Posted on Feb 21, 2017 in Activities

There are certain question to the system which always remain unanswerable, one such question is when the last time our education system was updated.  Normally we see people with the mindset that education can alone help you achieve success in world, it will help you attain a stable and prosperous career.

However that is true but only education provide you success is never true. There are other aspects apart from education which helps in the overall growth of an individual. One such thing is sports. We see less emphasis of sports in our education system and that is a reason we see many kids having difficulty when they mature to adjust in this world.

Why sports is necessary in life and in school?

If we remember our childhood always the one period or class we used to cherish is the sports class. This was the time when we can mingle with our friends and do some physical exercise apart from the mental exercise we do every day in school. This was a great team building exercise as you would play in a team and learn how to win. This competitive spirit along with team membership is what every corporate HR is looking out in you.

Sports in current education system

According to survey the best team player in the world are sportsman. It is no surprise we see sportsman being owner of such wonderful business. This is a quality you will not learn while sitting and studying in class. Moreover if you start becoming proficient in one sport you can represent you school, state and eventually your country in near future. This will give you a wide audience and acceptance and this thing should be accepted by management at school. The talent of student should not be limited to studies only and they should be focused to sport as well.

Already we see many football clubs accepting young kids as students and preparing them for future. Lionel Messi is one such example which is outshining in the football world. You and school fraternity should understand that sports should get a focus in this era where physical activity of kids is already reduced to zero percentage. Obesity and other diseases which kids are getting is because of lack of physical activity and what better way to remove it by accepting sports with more weightage in our education system.



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