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Are movie theaters using IMAX for making money?

Posted on Apr 30, 2017 in Uncategorized


IMAX was first introduced in 2008 when 28-minute footage in the Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Dark Knight’ was recorded with the help of the IMAX technique. But that was not an easy task to do. No doubt the quality of the movie was stunning, and the reviews to the IMAX resolution were quite positive that lured the different people to have the experience. But the real story was the fact that it was not easy to shoot that footage at all. Not only the size of the camera was massive, but the sound system and other things were quite noisy, and hence it is quite a complicated job to complete a movie using IMAX.


Understanding the reality IMAX behind IMAX using Hirek

Even the screens that are required to present such footage have an average display gauge 97’board and 76’ higher. Even a small screen sized IMAX have the gauge dimensions 58’ wider and 28’ inch high. Such big size is not easy to build in the malls and yet there are many IMAX available. According to the research done by there are only 1/46th of the IMAX screen are on the domestic level yet the company claim to have the virtual profit of 10% at the local level. Moreover, the actual reality of these theaters is the relocations of the main screen to make them look bigger.


All these factors, introduced by the different websites like make us think if we are paying for the right cinema experience or not? No doubt that it is easy to convert the resolutions and there are tons of blockbusters that have been listed to be in the IMAX cinema’s list, but it is not possible that all the cinemas are IMAX quality producers. Hence you must research more about the reality using the sites like


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New Ford Bronco: Raises the Enthusiasm of Auto Lovers to a Great Extent

Posted on Apr 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

After a pause of 20 years, new ford Bronco does not remain a desire lover of automobiles anymore. Ford Manufacturers announced the coming of the new ford Bronco at the end of 2017.

What would be the appearance new Ford Bronco?

The appearance of the new Ford Bronco is the combination of the modernization and advancement both. It is being taken from the F-150 model.

Main features of the new Ford Bronco

  • Lightweight
  • 2 pair of Headlights that are of LED
  • Advance form of Fog lights that help the person driving the car for better visibility
  • Equipped with the high technology form of features
  • Offer comfort and connivance to both off road and road rides
  • It has a huge amount of the cargo space that increases the keeping of the luggage capacity.
  • The car has three engines with 4.7 Litre of 6 Cylinder power stroke engine
  • Capable of making the generation of 330 horsepower.

  • It has 645 lb-feet of Torque.
  • Petrol engine consists of 5. Litre, 08 cylinders supercharge engine.
  • Car is considered capable of pumping the 662 horsepower with the 631 Lb feet torque.
  • The size of the new Ford Bronco will be larger than the previous models.
  • Car has the chrome grille bumper
  • Six lug aluminium form of wheels

Price of the new Ford Bronco

It is expected that the price of new Ford bronco would be somehow similar to the price of Ford Raptor. The reason for this is that both the models are considered as the inspiration of Atlas Model. Rumours are also coming that they make use of the concept of aircraft cockpit for the manufacturing of this new version of Ford Bronco. Rumours will only clear once the car is launched in the market, so the wait is no longer and becomes just a matter of few months.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Steroids

Posted on Apr 2, 2017 in Uncategorized

Yes, steroids have a long history of affecting the body negatively. Yes, many studies have been conducted that clearly showcase how it can harm your body. And yes, in the long run, it will get the better of you. However, for those who are willing to take the risk in return for the benefits and who use the power of steroids wisely, this article is for you.

We’ll detail what the exact benefits of steroids are here. You’ll find plenty of places to buy steroids in UK, so you don’t have to worry about looking for them.

Greater Strength

 This is one of the more obvious benefits and one of the primary reasons why bodybuilders take to steroids. Steroids are proven to increase the strength of your body and many studies have been conducted that have confirmed this. It takes a while for the steroids to do this, but typically, after a month or so of use, you’ll start noticing an increase in strength.

steroid uk

More Body Mass

 This is another common reason as to why people use steroids. Not only do they increase the weight of your body, but also the size and girth of certain muscles, such as the biceps. It has always been easy to tell if someone has used steroids, because of the overt way in which they body and muscle mass stands out.

Boost the Body’s Repairing Abilities

 Steroids are known to boost the body’s healing rate and athletes sometimes make use of them to help their body heal faster from injury and general wear and tear. The data and science don’t conclusively point to it, but it is generally agreed that steroids help with this.

While steroids provide many great benefits, it is still important to use them sensibly. It’s easy to find steroids UK, so follow a recommended prescription and your body will benefit soon enough.

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