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Are movie theaters using IMAX for making money?


IMAX was first introduced in 2008 when 28-minute footage in the Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Dark Knight’ was recorded with the help of the IMAX technique. But that was not an easy task to do. No doubt the quality of the movie was stunning, and the reviews to the IMAX resolution were quite positive that lured the different people to have the experience. But the real story was the fact that it was not easy to shoot that footage at all. Not only the size of the camera was massive, but the sound system and other things were quite noisy, and hence it is quite a complicated job to complete a movie using IMAX.


Understanding the reality IMAX behind IMAX using Hirek

Even the screens that are required to present such footage have an average display gauge 97’board and 76’ higher. Even a small screen sized IMAX have the gauge dimensions 58’ wider and 28’ inch high. Such big size is not easy to build in the malls and yet there are many IMAX available. According to the research done by there are only 1/46th of the IMAX screen are on the domestic level yet the company claim to have the virtual profit of 10% at the local level. Moreover, the actual reality of these theaters is the relocations of the main screen to make them look bigger.


All these factors, introduced by the different websites like make us think if we are paying for the right cinema experience or not? No doubt that it is easy to convert the resolutions and there are tons of blockbusters that have been listed to be in the IMAX cinema’s list, but it is not possible that all the cinemas are IMAX quality producers. Hence you must research more about the reality using the sites like


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