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Best Guide to playing and farming NB10

Over the time, NB10 has gained immense popularity. It has become a much appreciated and played game among the GB10 and DB10 players. If you’re also one trying to increase your level you should try this game.

best nb10 guide


Why choose NB10?

NB10 is the game if you want to collect the reliable Violet and revenge runes. Necropolis plays a great role in farming the game. You may reach to a point, where you will go on playing in the competition level. There are different runes that you will get to collect in the game such as Vampire, Rage and Wills. Nonetheless, you will need to acquire them in certain areas.


The best Nb10 Guide

If you’re considering to take your level a bit higher and qualify in the game, you will need to have the best nb10 guide. The guide will help you to move further in the game and qualify for the higher levels.


  • If you’re playing the boss level, it is better not to use the attack bar buffer most of the times. This is because the attack buffer is mostly useful. Nonetheless, if you’re a beginner you can consider Belladeon. This is applicable because Belladeon can easily heal in case of any def break.


  • To remove the Soul Barrier, it is better you use the first skill multi-hitters. This may be applicable for Colleen, Adrian, Fuck and even Rigel.


  • You have a limited speed in the NB10 boss level. As a result, you should try and increase your skill. Moreover, you can use the Soul Barrier for getting rid of the Violent and Revenge runes.


  • Revenge is applicable to all the monsters. Nonetheless, you won’t be necessarily requiring the. You need to keep a check on the stats for ensuring the survivability. Also, it helps to determine the kill potential. It is better if you follow all the rules by the best NB10 guide.

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