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Carrageenan- The Safe Ingredient for Tasty Food Items

Over some years, efforts are put to develop a regime of health and social care that is attuned to lifestyle patterns and dietary habits. The consciousness of people over their health was to be paid attention long before but with the simple and basic food items used to be a routine act to pursue health plans. Nowadays quality and safety of many food items are ensured. Some products are to be introduced in themarket each day to remove the monotony in food preparations as well as to keep care of health. One such item is carrageenan.

The ingredient mentioned above is extracted from certain types of seaweeds and undergoes through different procedures before it is ready to use. It has multiple names as Carrageen Moss or Irish Moss in England and Carraigin in Ireland.

Some of its uses

It is another food additive to make food muchtastier, lip smackingand makes to keep the food fresh for longer period preventing it from wastage. It can keep moisture in various types of cooked meats and does not let to separate the chocolate in chocolate milk. This product also stands as an important edible item which has value to be used as a home remedy to cure coughs and colds.


Is Carrageenan Safe to eat?

Carrageen as a food item is safe to eat. It is completely assured edible and healthy food product which has ahuge demand in thefood industry. It is well processed before use in food preparations. Taste of food increases by adding a pinch of this food additive. Food-gradeCarrageen is not harmful to health and has no measured limits to use in food.

It is obtained from sea in which it undergoes a fresh sea water wash, alkaline soaked, fresh water wash and chopped coloris removed, fresh water wash, dried and milled. Degraded Carrageen i.e.,Poligeenan is not recommendable for usage because it is extracted and some washed with acids. It is perfectly safe and advisable to use in recipes for infants and medical purposes.

Food grade carrageenan can be consumed in required amount to make wholesome, organic food. Nutrition and lifestyle are balanced by the right choice of having this plant based item.


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