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Funky Rock Designs: Beautiful Products Made Of Stones

Who doesn’t love to collect stones and rocks while walking on a beach? Every rock is so different from the other and beautiful as well. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have products made up of these stones to keep at your house? Funky Rock Designs makes it possible to have a part of nature indoors.

The types of Funky Rock Designs products

You can choose different types of goods for your homes like a soap dispenser, napkin holder, or anything as such. The products to look out for are the range of barware. The chief artisan, Jeff Henderson uses different rocks to create each item with a lot of precision. The rocks are either left natural or polished to bring out the shine.




The artisans spend hours hand-picking the right kind of stones and crafting them into beautiful designs. You can select from different types of vases, lamps and items for kitchen and garden as well. Some of the Funky Rock Designs products that you can purchase are

  • Cobble stone booze dispenser
  • Bottle Balancer
  • Beach stone menorah
  • Soap dish
  • Ikebana Vase
  • Mini coastal rock lamp
  • Stone handle bottle opener, etc

How can you afford to buy these amazing products?

You must wonder that since so much work is put into creating these designs, they must be quite expensive. But this is not the case. The prices of the products are quite cheap and reasonable. Many of the products have a price rangeof $10 to $100, and you will love each and every product. The cost of a stone handle bottle opener, for example, is only $25.

The products are easily available at the company stores near you. If you want to buy any of these goods online, you can take a look at 50roots. When you get such amazing artwork at such great prices, who wouldn’t want to own one for each room!

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