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How Mike Ross from Suits Changed

We all are a big fan of the law based drama showing Suits. The two protagonists Harvey Spector and Mike Ross have been played Gabriel Matt and Aaron Korsh with perfection for about 7 years now. It is emerging as one of the best law based dramas ever. The show has a plot about the character the super genius Mike Ross who has ruined his life and then out of nowhere got an opportunity to change his life when Harvey Spector offers him a job at a law firm.

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We all have loved their smart conversations but an episode that was highly appreciated was the one when another character Louis Litt asks Mike to take a urine test. Now considering the kind of history that Mike has had, he consumed weed occasionally. Had he known about Best Synthetic Urine provides it would have been easier. You can know a lot about synthetic urine has talked about on multiple occasions. Mike wouldn’t have had any second thoughts after reading Synthetic urine reviews has given on the website. The character of Mike has changed drastically in the last few seasons. Besides the drug test he has come out clear about a lot of other stuff too. Incidents such as accepting the fact that he isn’t a real lawyer have been tough. His love interest on the show Rachel Zane has been one big reason why Mike has been on the journey of good for such a long time now.


The last few seasons have been very hard for Mike, as first of all everyone came to know about his fake law degree. He went to jail and lived in very difficult circumstances. We hope to see some good in Mike’s life. We suggest you to start watching this awesome show.


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