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How poaching has benefitted the employees of Silicon Valley?


Silicon Valley has been the place where the top engineering talents of our world are working in the top tech companies like Google, Apple, and Intel and so on. But have you heard about poaching and the different lawsuits that are involved due to it?

Well, so far poaching has been considered to problems for the top companies. Well to define this term, you can look at this website and realize that poaching is about stealing the employees of your competitor’s company. By doing so, the business companies are trying to get the top talent working for them. But the thing that makes it the problem for employees is that they don’t get the sufficient amount of money or wages.


Benefit of Poaching to the engineers

However, if you look at the bright side and look at this website, you will realize that poaching can make the employees king but not the employers. The employer will lure their employees with not just wages but some of the different and unique benefits that the workers cannot even think of. They will get the private agreement regarding the different conditions to stay in the job and the different benefits. Workers don’t have to suffer from the competition, and they can get the job wherever they want only if they have talent.


Based on all these different factors you can realize that poaching can be one of the important things for the workers and the small businesses. Hence, instead of looking at the bad effects of the poaching one must consider the small benefits that make the worker king and let him give his conditions. It will not only help him to have secured the job, but he can also choose the company with maximum benefits. So make sure that you are talented and you will get the best job opportunity at Silicon Valley.

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