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How to Enable Content Filtering and Protect Your Credit Card From Unauthorized Purchasing

Now day’s parents should be careful enough so that their children can’t access adult content using the android phone. Unlike Kindle App store, Android Market or Google Play Store aren’t loaded with content filtering process means no approval process is there for any type of Games and Apps before you are going to purchase it. You can easily purchase app on Android market by linking up your Google Wallet or Credit Card. You also need not to enter your credit card number each time you purchase an App, it will automatically use the linked card. Interesting thing..!! Don’t you think..?? But what if your children gets hands on your mobile and start purchasing apps??? So if you want to restrict you children from accessing the adult content and purchasing apps, just follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open Google Play Store (Android Market) on your Android phone or tablet.

Step 2: Open “Setting” by pressing on Menu Key.

Step 3: Press on “content filtering” to restrict the app from being downloaded.

Step 4: Uncheck the type of app you want to hide and then click on OK button.

Step 5: Now the content filtering level is changed. However anyone can change it even children are smart enough to change it. So you must set up a PIN code. Now it’s your choice whether to set up PIN code or not. After setting up PIN you would be asked to enter the PIN code each time you buy an App.

Step 6: To set the PIN code, click on the “set or change pin” located below the content filtering.

Step 7: It will asked you to enter the 4 digit PIN code. When you done click on OK button.

Step 8: Retype the PIN code to confirm.

Step 9: Now go back to setting and check the Use PIN for Purchase option.

Step 10: Restart you android phone or tablet and then again go to setting option, the user control options are grayed out.

Step 11: Now in future if you want to unlock these settings then simply go to the setting of Google Play Store, select “unlock setting” option and provide your valid PIN code.

This is how you can easily restrict the websites on your Android device.

You can download playstore APK from


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