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Induction cooktop cooking tips

Are you planning to buy induction cooktop and are unaware about its cooking tips? Don’t worry, it is not as mysterious and difficult as you think. You just have to keep in mind some do’s and don’ts which will help you while cooking in a double induction cooktop for the first time.

What is induction cooking?

Don’t worry about using a double induction cooktop, it is not at all a rocket science. Induction just uses magnetic fields to heat the food in the cookware’s meant for mainly induction cooking. It is similar to gas stoves where you can control the heat. It is much more efficient and better than gas.

double induction cooktop

Dos and don’ts of induction cooking:

You will have to read the instructions properly to know how it works exactly but for a quickie you can go through the following.


  1. Read the user manual properly. All buttons have their own usage. You cannot just hit any button and expect the best.
  2. Choose the right kind of cookware meant for induction. You can check all about the right ones while buying only.
  3. Surface and utensils base has to clean else there are chances of food getting burned.


  1. Either choose the right temperature for the food to avoid spills or don’t leave it unattended. Spoils can sometime wipe off the ceramic.
  2. Cookware should always be placed at the marked centre to have equal heat exposure.
  3. Don’t use anything else other than high pressure cleaner for cleaning purposes.
  4. Don’t directly switch off the cooktop when the food is cooked; allow some resting to get the ceramic plate to cool down.

There will be a beep sound in case the cookware is not meant for the induction or if it is not rest properly. Now you have idea on how and what things to do when using an induction cooktop.

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