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Necessity of English-Speaking Practice & Ways to Do It

English is not a tough language but it is not simple to learn. People willing to learn English spend most time on memorizing its vocabulary and studying grammar part to create sentences for accurate communication. Despite this, some people fail to make correct combination of English grammar and vocabulary. The language has no meaning if it can’t be used to convey exactly what you want to communicate. This is more a lack of language skill than communicative skill. Studying the written language is of paramount importance to improve vocabulary and grammar, but English speaking is the best way to learn this language.

WhyEnglish-speaking practice is necessary

English speaking adds to communicative skill and also adds fluency to the language. This can be achieved by 영어말하기연습. When you write English, you can re-read your text, correct mistakes and revise it, but spoken English is like an arrow from the bow which cannot be taken back.


This is a big difference between written and spoken English and this also depicts the importance of English speaking to learn this language. The spoken English also eliminates fear and reduces errors over time with thorough practice. Speaking gives motivation to learn and to improve. Man always learns from his mistakes. So, this is the best way to enhance your communicative skills.

Ways to English speaking practice

There are several ways to make English speaking practice. You shouldn’t resort to a single way but always try as many as possible. Always listen to English conversations of others and try to adopt their way of conversation. Listen more to native speakers to know how they communicate in their language. You don’t always need an opponent to talk because you can record your own voice and listen to make practice. The best way to make English speaking practice is to talk more time in English rather than your native language. This will automatically create fluency over time.

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