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Role of Carrageenan in Food and Medicine industry!

Since it is obtained by natural red seaweed found in abundance there is a quality of one Carrageenan that is used a lot in the dairy products as well. It is always better to opt for something that is found in nature instead of any artificial substances.

Carrageenan can be found in edible products like yoghurt, tofu, and coconut milk and even in the nitrite-free turkey that is sold in the super-markets. Without knowing the nutritional value or health hazards caused by any substance it is impossible to adopt it everywhere. This shows that a certain quality of Carrageenan used in the food products has to be safe. There has been a myth about Carrageenan being unsafe but there has been no clear evidence about that at all making it safer to be consumed.



Mostly, Carrageean gets confused with the degraded one which is obtained by preparing using an acidic solution. So, it’s high time to understand the proper usage of Carrageenan and make the best out of this naturally available substance instead of adopting ourselves to something unnatural and artificial.

Due to its thickening property, Carrageenan has been widely adopted in the fields of medicine and food industries. The medicines made using Carrageenan is widely used to treat cough, common cold and intestinal problems and it is also known to reduce pain and swelling. Why not use something that is available naturally as a substitute for the artificially manufactured ones?

There is a myth that it would harm our intestines by affecting our digestive systems, which product would allow us to sustain if used in excess and by its usage without studying about it? It can be any of it that can harm us but once we understand which quality of Carrageenan to be used where, the solution to all the myths surrounding this can be found.

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