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What are the variations of twin trundle beds

There is a twin bed with trundle which is available for people who have visitors occasionally and yet do not have the space to fit or accommodate more than one bed in the guest bedroom. It is also a good option for those that have kids who need to share a room and that too if the room has limited space and cannot accommodate two beds.

The twin bed with trundle saves space as the lower unit is stored under the main unit when it is not being used. Therefore these save a lot of space and can be pulled out only when they need to be.

The variations of the twin bed with trundle are :


twin bed with trundle

  1. A Twin Trundle daybed. This looks like an ordinary sofa in the day time and at night the trundle can be pulled out and used as a sleeping accommodation.
  2. There are twin trundle beds which are the pull out types. This has the lower unit which is mounted on rollers or casters. This can be pulled out when needed. This unit is at a lower level than the main bed.
  3. There are the slide out kind where the bed can be placed a distance from the main bed.
  4. There are the popup trundle bed. This allows the lower unit to be pulled out and popped up so that the main bed can be converted into a regular double bed. The lower unit can be raised to whatever height is needed – either the same level as the main bed or lower than the main bed.
  5. There are those that come with storage under the lower unit. This is a great space saving solution where the bed linen can be stored conveniently without it taking up more space somewhere else.

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