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White’s Detector’sCan be the Game Changers


The White’s detector has been there in the market since 1950 but has never been rated highly. Though very recently they have released some very good models and that they have taken to it seriously. We shall discuss some of their offerings for the user’s benefit.

White’s coinmaster metal detector – This White’s detector is entry level equipment that is equipped with an LCD screen that enables a person to view the sensitivity and depth together with a button that can used to increase the parameters. It also has a waterproof box that can be very useful in an inclement weather along with a target ID to hear. The pinpoint mode helps to hear anything that is being searched for. The depth reading of the equipment can be very handy and it has a scanning depth till 8 inches.

White's detectors

White’s Treasure Pro Detector – The attractive feature of this metal detector is its waterproof coil and the large screen. The settings have 3 different modes in the form of Jewellery, Coin and Beach out of which the Beach mode should be chosen as it gives flexibility while working in salt water. The equipment’s screen, as discussed, has absolute clarity in understanding the sensitivity, battery, depth and the issue that is of prime concern, type of metal. The sensitivity can also be quickly adjusted with immediate feedback on the LCD screen

White’s Spectra VX3 metal detector – .This variant of White’s detector is very lightweight whereas the specifications are for a professional use. It has 3 frequency ranges of 7.5, 2.5 and 22.5. All units are in KHz. The color display of the equipment is completely HD with adjustable backlight. It also has target ID and 8 detecting programs. While moving the on board help feature can be useful and the device is also fitted with waterproof coil for convenience.

All these metal detectors from White’s can be very useful for a person and it totally depends upon the use which one is chosen by an individual.



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