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Why You Want to Be A Macho Man

Machoism and bullying

Remember your school days when you could be bullied by your school mates because you were deprived of your masculinity and your physical strength was not at par with them. This apathetic, rude, overpowering, inconsiderate, and violent attitude is witnessed not only in school days but also in real life afterwards. The sex difference is one of the reasons for this type of attitude because masculine empowerment is used to appeal female counterpart. However, some men use masculinity to empower women with indifferent attitude. This has created gender-based strength and weakness between men and women respectively. The worth of masculinity or being a macho man doesn’t lie in bullying.

Macho man popularity

In contemporary time, machoism is referred in many contexts and this phrase has absolutely to do with male masculinity. This is often used in wrestling, boxing, and martial art. Macho man is the phrase getting fame in many fields. The silver screen male celebrities have fad for macho appearance. The craze of machoism is gaining ground in present generation. They use gym, muscle-building supplements like whey proteins to get macho look and like strength. Does this really offer empowerment? Youngster males do this to create special appeal for females, professional weightlifters and boxers need to gain extra muscular strength, and celebrities do it for their performance. Machoism is, in fact, not true manhood unless someone is entrusted with absolute confidence of his performance.

Real macho man

Most women like men with men with confidence and responsiveness. Being a macho macho doesn’t make difference and can’t alter women’s attitude. Machoism is a conservative approach for masculinity which is not supported by effectiveness. Man can be a macho but not methodic simply by gaining the muscle by following machoistic approach. Machoism is an emerging contemporary trend regardless of meticulous approach and draining brain of younger population for which they waste their efforts and time.

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